You Can Help

You Can Help

Too busy to help?  Here’s an important contribution that takes mere seconds:  every day, pick up a piece of litter that you didn’t drop, and dispose of it properly.  That’s 365 pieces of litter a year over, say, 70 years … equals 25,550 pieces of litter.

You’ll make a real and positive difference to your community and the environment (possibly even saving a bird or turtle from choking to death on plastic). You’ll also become an “influencer”.  Many people will thank you, as you ab-crunch to pick up a ziploc bag or candy wrapper. Some of those people will even copy you by picking up a-piece-a-day themselves.  If just 9 do so, then among the 10 of you, you will have reduced the litter-load in our environment by 255,500 items during your active lifetimes!

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