Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens

A rain garden is any landscaping that filters and absorbs stormwater (rainwater) runoff from a nearby impervious surface such as a roof, driveway, parking lot or street. Many rain gardens are installed around a raised overflow drain or other overflow route just in case there is more runoff than the garden can easily absorb.

The garden can be a simple lawn or cluster of rocks receiving runoff from a roof downspout that has been disconnected from underground drains. It can be an ecosystem full of varied plants, insects and other animals. It can be a vast pond, hosting ducks and serving as the focal point of a neighbourhood. Our imaginations are the only limit.

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Highlights of 2019


Beaver pond leveller installation


Chelsea Gate buffer zone planting


Cougar Creek in photos


Westview Bend habitat enhancement planting


What’s a rain garden, and why should I care?