Invasive plant control

Invasive plant control

Alien invasive plants such as English ivy, “old man’s beard” clematis, Himalayan blackberry, lamium (dead nettle), giant knotweed, and policeman’s helmet have become established along some portions of Cougar Creek and its tributary Blake Creek, as well as in parts of the Delta Nature Reserve.

Good progress has been made in removing or at least corralling these invasives, but much remains to be done, if we are to have the healthy shade trees and diverse native plant communities that are so essential to stream health.

Streamkeepers meet from time to time for 1 to 2 hours of hacking and yanking, often followed by coffee and a snack at a nearby eatery. Please contact us, or join our Streamkeeper email list, if you’d like to have fun taking out your frustrations on some English ivy or giant knotweed!


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