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Alphabetical list of rain gardens

Annieville Elementary School Rain Garden (2010)
9240 – 112 Street, North Delta

Brooke Elementary School Rain Garden (2014)
8718 Delwood Drive, North Delta

At the Delwood Drive entrance to Brooke Elementary School there’s a large sloping lawn, with 4 street trees and 2 mature evergreens on it. What a perfect space for soaking up rainwater runoff from a pavement! Not only is there lots of room, but also all those trees (especially the large evergreens) are very good at soaking up water.  

But the lawn is uphill from the school parking lot. Water doesn’t flow uphill, it flows downhill! What to do?

That’s easy! Delwood Drive is higher than the lawn – so instead of receiving rainwater runoff from the school parking lot, this rain garden receives runoff from the street.

The main challenge was figuring out how to get the water across the sidewalk. An attractive trench drain and some skilled concrete work by Delta staff have done the trick.

Brooke Rain Garden receives about 210,000 litres of rainwater runoff per year from Delwood Drive. This water used to be wasted down a storm drain, through a pipe, into Sunbury Creek and out to the Fraser River and the ocean. Now, the water helps to grow a beautiful garden. The nice thick layer of woodchips that students spread on the garden holds moisture in the soil, so that plant roots still find water even during a long summer dry spell.

With such a large lawn acting as an additional “sponge” right next to the garden, there’s no need for an emergency overflow drain. Whenever there’s a heavy rainfall and the garden can’t soak up water fast enough, any excess water flows out onto the lawn and gets soaked up there.

Burnsview Secondary School Rain Garden (2011)
7658 – 112 Street, North Delta

Chalmers Elementary School Rain Garden (2009)
11315 – 75 Avenue, North Delta

Chalmers Park Rain Garden (2016)
7658 – 112 Street, North Delta

Cougar Canyon Elementary School Rain Garden (2006)
11664 Lyon Road, North Delta

Cougar Canyon Elementary School Rain Garden Extension (2009)
11664 Lyon Road, North Delta

Delview Secondary School Rain Garden (2012)
9111 – 116 Street, North Delta

Devon Gardens Elementary School Rain Garden (2015)
8884 Russell Drive, North Delta

Fraser Falls Rain Garden (2012)
Delta Nature Reserve underneath Alex Fraser Bridge, North Delta

Gibson Elementary School Rain Garden (2011)
11451 – 90 Avenue, North Delta

Heath Traditional Elementary School Rain Garden (2011)
11364 – 72 Avenue, North Delta

Hellings Elementary School Garden (2013)
11655 – 86 Avenue, North Delta

Jarvis Traditional Elementary School Rain Garden (2013)
7670 – 118 Street, North Delta

North Delta Evangelical Free Church (2010)
11300 – 84 Avenue, North Delta

North Delta Secondary School Rain Garden (2013)
11447 – 82 Avenue, North Delta (garden on 83)

Richardson Elementary School Rain Garden (2011)
11339 – 83 Avenue, North Delta

Seaquam Operation Green Rain Garden (2011)
11584 Lyon Road, North Delta

Sungod Recreation Centre Rain Garden (2014)
7815 – 112 Street, North Delta

Sunshine Hills Elementary School Rain Garden (2012)
11285 Bond Boulevard, North Delta

Tidewaters Rain Garden (2013)
River Road at Alex Fraser Bridge, North Delta

Westview Drive Rain Garden (2010)
Westview Drive at Cougar Creek, North Delta